Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect information online from our consumers and clients and protect them from misuse. It is the liability of our website to protect the information and privacy of our customers and it is the first priority of our website. As per the privacy policy the website may ask the consumers about the guidelines that concerns the usages of personal information. Under the guidelines, we at make use of the collected details and personal information of consumers for some reasons for the benefit of the customers.

Our website may send some emails for promotional purposes and to introduce the product which we think helpful for the users of our website. All the personal information that we collect through our website are mainly used for the best interest of the consumers and no information collected on the website will be shared with 3rd party and we also ensure that no information is misused.

The website of may also comprise of some kind of links of other websites and these links are not under the direct control of So, it is suggested that all our visitors must stay aware of these links when they use them from our website. won’t take any liability for the privacy policy of the data and we recommend that you must review the privacy policy of all the websites that you are visiting or sharing your information with.

What Information is Collected?

There are wide variety of information that is being collected by the website of when you visit or access the products and supplements through the website. This includes:

  • Personal information like age and name
  • Contact information like address and email
  • Other information that may be helpful for us to provide you with right and accurate details as per your best interest.  

All the information that is being collected by our website is used for the record of the company. The contact information is used to send you emails about newly launched products which may be helpful for you and your health.

Disclosure of Information

Some of the information shared on our website is provided to 3rd party website without the consent of the customers and it is done for the best interest of the customers. The information is disclosed to the websites that are having links on our website. These 3rd party websites are reliable and evaluated by us and it is shared so that the product website can contact the customers directly whenever a new product is launched or to make the selling of the product to the customers directly.

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